The Twelve Windows .. The Twelve Months






A friend of mine started his 365 Project and finished it

he asked me whether I want to do mine

I accepted the challenge


today is the last day

of the twelve wonderful months

of the 365 days of shutter adventure

I really enjoyed doing this project

I saw things I have never seen before

I looked at things and people from a different angle

I learned new techniques

I thank you Me for challenging me





13 thoughts on “The Twelve Windows .. The Twelve Months

  1. congrats akak puan doc tewww.. and thanks to be so sporting., ‘a friend in need is a friend indeed’., goodluck on your future undertakings.. ihiks

  2. Thank you EnchekMe itu!!!! 🙂
    You thought me a lot Fren….

    Siapa nak ambik baton nih…
    Yang ada kamera baru … Atau kawan baru ….

  3. Congrats! 365 to me is a long journey, an endavour I wouldn’t take hehe. Anyway, your shots are nice and some are really mind-opening.
    Dunno if that’s to do with the cam or the Singa. Maybe both

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